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Thromboelastometer THELM:a

Thromboelastography allows rapid analysis of the total coagulation process from a whole blood sample. It was developed by Hellmut Hartert in Heidelberg in the forties of the last century.

Based on the Thromboelastography principle developed by Hartert, the Hemostase analysis system "THELM:a" works with a Windows-based software that can be upgraded up to four channels. It is the only Thromboelastometer with automated sample positioning, autocalibration before each test and fully automatic protection of the measuring unit.

Thromboelastography principle THELM:a
Thromboelastography principle THELM:a

Each independent measuring unit works with a freely oscillating plunger in an oscillating cuvette. The total coagulation process is determined by a torsion wire connected to a transducer.

Thromboelastometer THELM:a with 4 channels
Thromboelastometer THELM:a with 4 channels

Up to 4 modules of the "THELM:a" are controlled by the software "TemaWin", which provides all necessary functions and formats of the results in the easiest way. This software can be adapted to any PC.

As the " THELM:a " system is based on modules and the software can manage up to four measuring units, a later integration of further measuring units is possible without effort.

2 Thromboelastometer Module with Laptop
2 Mono THELMA:a Module

The single channel "Mono THELM:a" module can be connected to any PC or notebook of a hospital/laboratory to perform a qualitative coagulation analysis of the coagulation process. The complete coagulation complex is captured, from the formation of very small fibrin fibers to the dissolution of the clot.

test progress screen
test progress screen

One of three display screens shows the analysis itself. The display shows the active channels, their current temperature (freely selectable) and the four virtual keys for operating the module, IN-OUT-START-STOP.

The measured and calculated parameters are displayed in real time. The demographic data of the patient sample, the comments, the time (from blood collection to test start) and the test type as well as the selection of normal values from the library are also entered here.

It allows you to print and archive the diagram at any intermediate or end time. Each input can be made via the freely selectable virtual keyboard.


Specifications THELM:a


  • Measuring channels:
  • optional 1 up to 4
  • Test method:
  • Thromboelastography principle according to Hartert
  • Model:
  • 4 channel housing or single channel version
  • Sample:
  • Whole blood, citrated whole blood
  • Sample volume:
  • 360 µl
  • Reagent:
  • FasTemA, Heparinase, ExWay, FibCheck, CiTemA
  • Result output:
  • Graphic/numeric on display and/or printer
  • Interface:
  • RS 232 | USB
  • Service:
  • maintenance free
  • Languages:
  • German, Italian, English
  • Power supply voltage:
  • Wide range power supply 110 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz
  • Electric power:
  • max. 100 VA
  • Width:
  • 550 mm (4 channel), 160 mm (Mono)
  • Height:
  • 300 mm (4 Channel), 250 mm (Mono)
  • Depth:
  • 395 mm (4 Channel), 160 mm (Mono)
  • Weight:
  • 20 kg ( 4 Channel ), 5 kg (Mono)



4 sided product brochure:
Thromboelastometer THELM:a

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