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BC1 - the classic among coagulometers
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Still the standard

We have an extensive stock of refurbished single channel and four channel AMELUNG ball coagulometers. All devices are reconditioned according to our certified procedures to ensure an excellent optical and technical condition.

AMELUNG Ball Coagulometer KC4A


Second hand quality products

The high-quality practical value of the proven AMELUNG ball coagulometer technology allows for unlimited use of a correctly maintained KC4A after more of 20 years operating time.

SYCOmed provides you with premium second-hand laboratory and analysis devices at favorable prices. Most of the equipment originates from returns on new acquisitions or leasing returns.

All devices offered by SYCOmed have been professionally restored and completely refurbished and maintained in compliance with the state of the art. A warranty related to the functionality is self-evident.

The 1000 times used AMELUNG KC1A

The purchase of a new coagulometer is not always the best and most economical solution. The advantage of using used and fundamentally refurbished equipment is that it is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one.

AMELUNG KC4A MICRO (optional with calculator/printer CRA)

At the same time, we also make an active contribution to the lifespan of medical devices and thus to environmental protection. Thanks to our services, we are able to extend the lifetime of our equipment in the long term.

Multipette with start cable and fixed volume pipettes with start cable

Of course, you can also get the corresponding automatic start pipettes from us.

Temporary offer:

> AMELUNG: 2 or 4 channel "Schnitger & Gross" (Hook Coagulometer)
> AMELUNG: KC4A MICRO with/without CRA

> Multipette 4780 with/without start cable
> Eppendorf 3130 with/without start cable


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manufactured in germany

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