Hemostasis Reagent - the perfect match
Coagulation diagnostics in optimal combination
BC1 - the classic among coagulometers
Best performance and highest reliability made in germany
Innovation based on tradition
System solutions to suit your needs with competence and passion

system solutions for the laboratory



POC FLUORECARE™ Reader Portable analysis system for fluorescence detection for the determination of different parameters in whole blood, plasma and serum    


FINECARE™ Semiautomatic in-vitro diagnostic analyzer that measures the concentration of analytes, contained in blood, serum, plasma or urine, in quantitative ways    

Thromboelastometer THELM:a

THELM:a (ThromboElastoMeter-automated), provides a dynamic analysis of the mechanical behaviour of blood clotting    

Optical Coagulometer of the X series

X Serie optical Coagulometer PT test (for plasma or whole blood), global coagulation tests and more    

Optical-mechanical POC Coagulometer OCG

PT(INR) | aPTT | TZ | ACT | Fib Portable coagulation measurements in 20 µl whole blood    

Still the standard

refurbished coagulometer Coagulometer "Schnitger & Gross", KC1A and KC4A with functional warranty      

POC Hemoglobin Analysis System HemoChroma PLUS

HemoChroma PLUS™ Portable hemoglobin measuring for patient-close diagnostics. The result from 12 µl whole blood is available within 10 seconds.    

Ball Coagulometer BC1

BC1 Ball Coagulometer The proven 1-Channel Ball Coagulometer Optionally available as MACRO or MICRO Version    

Ball Coagulometer BC1 VET

BC1 VET Ball Coagulometer 1-Channel Ball Coagulometer for Determination of  Blood Coagulation Parameters in Veterinary Medicine Optionally available as MACRO or MICRO Version    

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