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Ball Coagulometer BC1

The patient’s sample and a test related reagent are included in a diagonally bedded cuvette that slowly turns around its center line. Due to its gravitational force, a metal ball in the reagent mixture moves exactly to a specified spot prior to coagulation. Upon coagulation, the ball is taken along by the fibrin fibers that build-up. This change of position generates the signal in an electro-magnetic sensor which stops a previously started timer.

BC1 one-channel coagulometer

Designed for small sample volumes in a laboratory, this easy-to-handle and user-friendly analysis device is also used in research and veterinary diagnostics.

The BC1 coagulometer is reagent independent. All common clot reagents available in the market can be used.

Using suitable test reagents, both plasma and whole blood samples can be measured.

Illuminated two-line graphic display

The turbidity of the specific sample is irrelevant as only the fibrin formation is detected by an electromagnetic sensor.

The beginning of the measurement is either automatically launched by adding the reagent with an automatic pipette or manual activation of the start button using any common laboratory pipette.

BC1 Set consisting of thermo printer, automatic 3 volume pipette, ball dispenser and coagulometer

The measurement results evaluated are shown on a high resolution, clearly visible display in seconds, % PT, INR or g/L for fibrinogen determination. Optionally a low-noise thermo printer can be provided for documentation of the measuring results.

As an option, the BC1-MACRO version or the BC1-MICRO version for halving of the test volume are available.

All device versions are optionally available with an automatic 3 volume pipette with 50, 100, and 200 µl pipetting volume.


Specifications BC1


  • Measuring channels:
  • 1
  • Test method:
  • electro-mechanical, by ball
  • Model:
  • optional in MICRO or MACRO Version
  • Sample:
  • hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood, citrated whole blood
  • Sample volume:
  • >20 µl ( Micro >10 µl )
  • Reagent:
  • open System for all Clotting Tests ( fibrin formation )
  • Test volume:
  • 75 - 600 µl
  • Result output:
  • Seconds, % PT, INR, g/L Fibrinogen
  • Incubation stations:
  • 2, also useable for sample preparation, tempered at 37°C
  • Incubationstimer:
  • 0 up to 999 Seconds
  • Reagent stations:
  • 2 ( 12 und 15 mm diameter ), tempered at 37°C
  • Calibration curve storage:
  • 2 freely programmable calibration curves with 3 points with % and g/L evaluation
  • Interface:
  • RS 232
  • Thermoprinter or PC:
  • via RS 232
  • Service:
  • maintenance free
  • Languages:
  • German and English
  • Display:
  • 2-line high resolution graphic display
  • Power supply voltage:
  • Wide range power supply 100 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz
  • Operating voltage:
  • 12 Volts- ( also useable in a car )
  • Electric power:
  • max. 20 VA
  • Width:
  • 125 mm
  • Height:
  • 72 mm
  • Depth:
  • 216 mm
  • Weight:
  • 1,2 kg ( 2,5 lb )



2 sided product brochure:
BC1 Single Channel Coagulometer

manufactured in germany

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