Hemostasis Reagent - the perfect match
Coagulation diagnostics in optimal combination
BC1 - the classic among coagulometers
Best performance and highest reliability made in germany
Innovation based on tradition
System solutions to suit your needs with competence and passion

Test Kits, Reagent and Accessories

POC Coagulation Test Cassettes

Available coagulation parameters prothrombin time (PT/INR), activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), activated clotting time (ACT), thrombin time (TZ) and fibrinogen (FIB)    

FINECARE™ Diagnostic

Finecare Test Kit HbA1c, CRP, PSA, cTnl, AFP, CEA, Testosterone, hCG and others    

FLUORECARE™ Diagnostic

Fluorecare Test Kit HbA1c, CRP, PSA, cTnl, AFP, CEA, hCG and others  

Hemostasis Reagents

Reagents PT (for Plasma or Whole Blood), aPTT, Fibrinogen, Controls, Calcium Chloride    

Accessories for Ball Coagulometer

Coagulometer Accessories Pipettes, Printer, Ball Dispenser, Adapter Cable    

Consumables for Ball Coagulometer

Consumables for Ball Coagulometer MICRO and MACRO Cuvettes & Balls, Reagent- and Coagulometer Tubes, Pipette-Tips, Thermo Paper    


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