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The Simple Simon ® Concept

A professional INR Laboratory of the Size DIN A5

The off the line battery supplied Simple Simon POC test system is used where it is just needed, directly with the patient, at bed, medical practice, on route etc.

The thromboplastin chronometry (Quick/PT) is a prothrombin test modified according to Owren.

All accessories and consumables required to immediately accomplish the INR on site, such as reagents, buffers, controls, measuring cuevettes, stoppers, pipettes and pipette tips are provided with the all-in-one kit and are included in the fee.

Upon shipment the reader is pre-calibrated to a specified reagent charge; thus a calibration curve preparation and its setting do not apply.

The reader (measuring unit) is exchanged with each new reagent charge; thus the user is practically provided with an unlimited device warranty.

Simple Simon INR analysis system

The complete INR measuring kit including pipettes and reagent

Clearly readable LCD Display

Clearly readable LCD Display

A 4 MHz microprocessor is integrated into a small, handy housing managing a user-friendly software and a photometer. The wavelength is 940nm; which allows the INR measurement with both, whole blood and plasma samples.
A thermistor monitors device and ambient temperature. The software evaluates those data presuming a constant measuring temperature of 37°C. Thus temperature setting and incubation belong to the past. Based on the specified operating cycle and a photometer wavelength within a short-wave infrared range, the reader (measuring unit) evaluates in addition a hematocrit value to be expected from a whole blood sample.



No more temperature setting of reagent or sample required

The operating temperature is within a range of + 17°C to + 45°C, thus measurements under the most different ambient temperatures can be realized

The INR measuring value is immediately determined without idle time by incubation of the sample, reagent heating ( usually to 37°C ) or centrifugation of whole blood

No calibration and preparation of calibration curves or test data settings required

No time limited operating steps such as maintaining the prescribed incubation times or pipetting steps required

Due to the special measuring value capturing and evaluation the tendency of the hematocrit value ( proportion of the blood erythrocytes ) is also edited

Measuring results match the laboratory values as the test achievement ( no dry chemistry ) are conform to the principal of operation in a laboratory

Convenient one-button handling through a „Step by Step“ navigation on a clearly readable LCD Display

Controls sufficient for one KIT are included. They are conforming to the customary checks in the abnormal range.

Specifications Simple Simon PT



Measuring Channels:

Measuring Method:


Photometric, 940 nm

Capillary blood ( finger pad ), venous blood or plasma
Sample volume:


10 µl

Closed system
Test volume:


210 µl
Measuring Value Output:

Seconds and INR
Sample Preparation Stations:


Pipette Storing Positions:

Operating Temperature:


+ 17°C bis + 45°C

PC or Laptop:



Maintenance free


German, English, Swedish, others upon request 

1-line LCD display


Supply Voltage:

3 x 1,5 volt batteries type AA    ( life cycle approx. 1200 tests )


100 mm

55 mm


150 mm

655 g










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