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Technical Service means more to us than just repair

More Service | More Performance | More Quality

Our technical service is available for when you need it. No matter if it is about device installation, software configuration or the repair of technical failures - we are happy to provide you with support and advice. Your contentment is dear to our hearts.

SYCOmed performs repairs, after sales service and maintenance for its own analysis systems but also for third-party products such as AMELUNG, MERLIN or TRINITY.

SYCOmed has an own central repair and refurbishing service available. Skilled employees perform necessary repairs and refurbishing of coagulometers, electrode supports (hooks), pipettes and other medical-technical devices.

Technical Service from SYCOmed

Our technical service supports you to maintain quality and reliability of your products

Maintenance of Amelung coagulometers

Our repairs are based on strict quality standards

If you want to send in your device for repair, please directly contact our repair service. Upon request you will be provided with an estimate and/or detailed information related to the extent of the repair.

Medical-technical service by SYCOmed:
Professional and customer-friendly

Our Range of Services:
> Repairs
> Maintenance of SYCOmed products
> Maintenance of Amelung coagulometers
> Rental devices (loaners)
> Technical training courses
Installations and commissioning
> Product instructions
> Product seminaries
> Hotline support

MC4, Schnitger and Gross, Amelung KC4A, Amelung KC1A

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