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Coagulation Analyzer and Hemostasisreagents

BC1 Ball Coagulometer


The Proven 1-Channel Ball Coagulometer
Optionally available as MACRO or MICRO Version

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BC1 VET Ball Coagulometer for veterinary dagnostic


1-Channel Ball Coagulometer for Determination of  Blood Coagulation
Parameters in Veterinary Medicine
Optionally available as MACRO or MICRO Version

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Coagulometer Accessories

Coagulometer Accessories

Pipettes, Printer, Ball Dispenser, Adapter Cable

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Coagulometer Consumables

Coagulometer Consumables

MICRO and MACRO Cuvettes & Balls, Reagent- and Coagulometer Tubes, Pipette-Tips, Thermo Paper

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second-hand coagulation analyzer

Second-Hand and refurbished Coagulometers

Coagulation Analyzer "Schnitger & Gross", KC1A, KC4A, KC10A or similar
with Function Warranty

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Hemostasisreagents, Controls und Calibrator


PT (for Plasma or Whole Blood), aPTT, Fibrinogen,
Controls, Calcium Chloride

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Simple Simon INR Measurement

Simple Simon® PT / INR

Portable INR (PT) Measurement in 10 µl Whole Blood

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POC Immunoassy Analysis System

Immunoassy Analysis System


Portable Analysis System for Fluorescence Detection to Determine Different
Parameters in Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum and Urine

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i-CHROMA Available Tests

Available Tests

HbA1c, CRP, PSA, Microalbumin, cTnl, AFP, CEA, Testosterone, hCG and others

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Hemoglobin POC Test System

Portable hemoglobin measuring

HemoChroma PLUS

Portable hemoglobin measuring for patient-close diagnostics. The result from
12 µl whole blood is available within 10 seconds.

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