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Immunoassay-Analysis-System i-CHROMA™

Effortless | Straightforward | Efficient

The i-CHROMA™ Reader is a compact Point-of-Care test system for fluorescence detection to determine different analysis in whole blood, plasma, serum or urine.

The portable high-performance immunoassay system consists of the i-CHROMA™ laser fluorescence reader and the test cartridge customized to the particular parameters including the associated reagent.

The Point-of-Care analysis system is characterized by its comprehensive parameter menu and provides skilled personnel with high-quality medical information with most easy handling.

Laser Fluorescencereader: i-CHROMA

Portable Laser-Fluorescencereader

i-CHROMA Test-Set for HbA1c

HbA1c Test Set with i-CHROMA Reader,
Reagents, Pipettes and Test cartridge

The i-CHROMA™ system is based on the fluorescence immunoassay technology.

This technology allows for quantization of individual or several analytics at a time by measuring of a laser induced epi-fluorescence. The test determination is realized on a particular, parameter related test cartridge.

The i-CHROMA™ CRP test uses a sandwich immuno detection method where, while mixing the detector buffer with whole blood in the test tube, the fluorescent anti CRP antibodies bind to the CRP of the buffer blood sample. In the following the sample mixture is administered to the sample application field of the test cartridge and, due to the capillary action, migrates the nitrocellulose matrix of the test cartridge. The detector antibodies competitively bind to the sample CRP which is immobilized on the test cartridge. The signal intensity of detector antibody fluorescence decreases proportionally with an increasing amount of CRP antigen in the sample.

i-CHROMA Laser Fluorescence Principle

The POC i-CHROMA Laser Fluorescence Principle





Measuring Channels:

Measuring Method:


fluorescence detection with Laser ( 2,5 mW )
Sample Type:

Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum and Urin
Sample volume:


5 - 30 µl, depent on Test Parameter

closed System



automatically with Chipcard


RS 232
Thermo printer:

via RS 232


maintenance free



illuminated four-line display, each with 16 character


Power supply voltage:

Wide range power supply 100 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage:


12 Volt-
Electric power:

 20 VA


185 mm

80 mm


250 mm

1,2 kg ( 2,5 lb )



i-CHROMA Analysis







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