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POC Hemoglobin Analysis System HemoChroma PLUS

Reliable and Accurate Results

The HemoChroma PLUS POC hemoglobin analysis system consists of a light-weight, compact battery operated device including the associated single-use measuring cuvettes.

The alternative to traditional hemoglobin measuring technology. Fast, secure and easy to handle the HemoChroma PLUS system provides the hemoglobin concentration from 12-15 ul whole blood in less than 10 seconds.

Hemoglobinreader HemoChroma PLUS

Portable Hemoglobin Reader
 HemoChroma PLUS

All-in-One cuvette

The all-in-one cuvette includes a capillary and the measuring cuvette

No pipetting, no additional reagent - EVERYTHING included in one measuring cuvette. The all-in-one system provides a basis as pipette and measuring cuvette.

Thus the use of glass capillaries is omitted.


Hemoglobin Measuring – Fast and Easy

Taking blood sample

Taking blood sample:
with the cuvette

Taking blood sample

Taking blood sample:
with a Pipette

Insertion of the blood into the reader

Insertion of the cuvette into the reader

Read the result

Read the result on the Display


Specifications HemoChroma PLUS



Measuring Channels:

Measuring Method:


Measurement Duration:   less than 10 Seconds
Sample Type:

Whole Blood ( Venous or Finger-tip blood )
Sample volume:


12 - 15 µl

without any Reagent
Measurement Range:


0 - 27,0 g/dL
Accuracy:   R² = 0,983
Data Storage:   1000 results


Display:   clearly readable LCD Display
Power supply voltage:

wide range power supply via USB connector
Operating voltage:


4 x 1,5 Volt Batteries ( Typ AA )


106,5 mm

38,5 mm


151 mm

217 g without Batteries







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