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BC1 VET Ball Coagulometer

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The BC1-VET is a modification of the BC1 ball coagulometer, globally used in human medicine.

Due to its special features, the
BC1-VET is perfectly suitable for coagulation determination of animal blood for professional and quick realization of the common coagulation analysis in a veterinary laboratory such as PT / PTT / FIB and others.

To realize the tests, both whole blood and also plasma samples can be measured.

BC1-VET one-channel coagulometer for veterinary use

BC1-VET one-channel coagulometer


BC1-VET Set consisting of thermo printer, automatic 3 volume pipette, ball dispenser and coagulometer

Like with the BC1, the measurement results evaluated are shown on a high resolution, clearly visible display in seconds, % PT, INR or g/L for fibrinogen determination. Optionally a low-noise thermo printer can be provided for documentation of the measuring results.

As an option, the
BC1-VET-MACRO version or the BC1-VET-MICRO version for bisection of the test volume are available.
All device versions are optionally available with an automatic 3 volume pipette with 50, 100, and 200 µl pipetting volume.


Specification BC1 VET

Measuring channels: 1
Test method: electro-mechanical, by ball
Model: optional in MICRO or MACRO Version
Sample: hemolytic, icteric and lipemic plasmas, whole blood,
citrated whole blood
Sample volume: >20 µl ( 10 µl )
Reagent: open System for all Clotting Tests ( fibrin formation )
Test volume: 75 - 600 µl
Result output: Seconds, % PT, INR, g/L Fibrinogen
Incubation stations: 2 also useable for sample preparation, tempered at 37°C
Incubationstimer: 0 up to 999 Seconds
Reagent stations: 2 ( 11,8 and 15 mm diameter ), tempered at 37°C
Calibration curve storage: 2 freely programmable calibration curves with 3 points with
% and g/L evaluation
Interface:: RS 232
Thermo printer or PC: via RS 232
Service: maintenance free
Languages: German, English, French, Russian,
additional languages on request
Display: 2-line high resolution graphic display
Power supply voltage: Wide range power supply 100 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage: 12 Volts- ( also useable in a car )
Electric power: max. 20 VA
Width: 125 mm
Height: 72 mm
Depth: 216 mm
Weight: 1,2 kg ( 2,5 lb )




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